Keloid Specialist

Steroid free combination strategy

Few of the effective treatments used in skincity in variety of combination protocols are listed below. It requires great experience and meticulous strategy make effective and safe combination. Your doctor needs to know what NOT to chose for you rather than pushing what he knows.

  • Ultrapulse SCAAR FX,
  • Enerjet scar remodelling
  • Intra-lesionalscar dissolving chemotherapy
  • Controlling vascularity with vascular laser
  • Controlling appendages trapped (trigger management)- Diode, IPL, long pulse Nd YAG, microwave
  • Very minimal judicious use of intralesional steroid (only in certain situations)
  • Surgery only in special situations (in pus filled pockets)

Herbal and home remedies or homeopathy for keloids ?

Keloids have been around for thousands of years. No effective treatment modality is established in any pathy so far. It is estimated that average success rate of the all older modality is around 10%. (one in ten gets stabilized). Unfortunately neither older pathies nor modern science had spent enough focus on finding remedy on this problematic skin condition.

This is how your treatment can make your keloid worse!

Many patients don’t know what can be done for the keloids. Many general practitioners prescribe steroid creams on keloid. Many allopathy practitioners including dermatologists inject steroids into keloid. Many surgeons attempt excision of keloids. Surgery will have recurrence of keloid to an extent of 80-100%. Steroid injections and creams will induce either acne or hair follicle infections in and around keloids that triggers spread of keloid. We have seen cases of single keloids injected with steroids and leading to hundreds of acne forming new keloids. Excess dose of steroid injection will cause stretch marks that again acts as a base for new keloid formation.

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